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What it does?

This bot helps you to get notifications from your mining rig if temperature gets out of limit or it looses connection (freeze or disconnect)

Also it gives you bunch of information on demand


ethermine.org | ethpool.org | etc.ethermine.org | zcash.flypool.org mining_stats:

nicehash mining_stats:

dwarfpool mining_stats:

Custom temperature limit breaks notifications:

Your Rigs ping status:

Custom offline notifications:

Wallet balances:

Market prices:

Setting up

Getting mining pool stats

Currently available

At first use you will not have "Stats" button on your main menu

In order to get your mining pool stats you have to choose default mining pool in "Settings-Pools" and set your wallet address for default coin for that pool.

For example you are using https://ethermine.org/ for mining ethereum. Then go to "Settings-Pools" and choose "ethermine.org". Then go to "Settings-Wallets-ETH" and paste your wallet address. Thats it. Now on your main screen you will find "Stats" button, which will give you your mining information

Getting offline notifications

First of all you have to get your chat ID. To do this hit "About" button on main menu. Bot will tell you your ID. Do not tell anyone this ID to prevent abusing messaging to your account.

Then you have to turn ON ping watcher. You can do it in "Settings-Watcher" menu.

At main menu u will get "Watcher" button to check your pinging rigs status.

Now, when watcher is ON, you have to start pinging Bot's API-endpoint

Endpoint: http://ikebastuz.pw/rigmonitorbot/ping/<yourChatID>/<yourRigName>

Put your chat ID instead of <yourChatID> and your rig name instead of <yourRigName>

After 1st request to this address watcher will be set. If you will not send it again in 90 seconds - you will recieve notification saying that your rig is offline. It sends 10 notifications and stops.

You can use any software you want to ping Bots End-point. (you can even refresh browser page using javascript).

If you dont know what to use - i can recommend you using free http-ping utility. You can take it from anywhere, for example Here. If you choose it - put it anywhere to your computer, create .bat file in the same folder, and fill it with this:

http-ping.exe "http://ikebastuz.pw/rigmonitorbot/ping/<yourChatID>/<yourRigName>" -t -i 60

And run this .bat file. It will keep pinging endpoint every minute.

Note, that free account can only use 1 rig name. Trying to ping using different rig names will not succeed. Premium accounts have unlimited rig names for watcher.

To remove watcher just go to "Settings-Watcher-OFF"

Getting custom notifications

You can set up custom notification for different events. For example if you GPU temperature gets high or drops.

In order to do that you can set up for example MSI afterburner or SpeedFan to execute file if temperature gets out of the limits. And that file should reach another Bot's endpoint

Endpoint: http://ikebastuz.pw/rigmonitorbot/alarm/<yourChatID>/<message>

You can test it in your browser putting in order your chat id and message

If you are using http-ping, you can create another .bat file like this:

http-ping.exe "http://ikebastuz.pw/rigmonitorbot/alarm/<yourChatID>/<message>" -n 1

It will send request to API just once

Now simply link MSI Afterburner or Speedfan to run this .bat file

Feel free to donate any amount to one of this wallets: